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When you only have a given number of hours to cover your parts of a programme with students, it is all too easy to fill all the available hours with planned teaching. It is important to accommodate students’ need for time to reflect on what they are learning, and to take stock of how their […]

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The same number of hours in each day is given to everyone, but time-management skills are widely underdeveloped. If we can manage our time well, we can manage just about everything else. The ten suggestions that follow can help students increase their mastery over time: Help students to see what’s in it for them to […]

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The more students know about the processes by which they learn best, the more they can harness those processes to their advantage. It is useful to build in some study-skills discussion right at the beginning of your programme, alongside the first bits of learning. Students will then see that you’re interested in helping them find […]

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Before the start of a programme of module, there may be a vacation or other slack time when students could, if they wished, do much to pave their way towards success. To be able to do so, they need to know what might be useful things for them to do to prepare for your programme. […]

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Normal fears and anxieties

The good news is that most tutors overcome their initial fears and anxieties about tutoring. Knowing what to expect, and knowing that most of your fellow tutors have felt the same concerns, may alleviate your anxieties. Tutoring is not easy; it will constantly confront you with your own weaknesses and failings. This can be difficult […]

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Fear and anxiety are natural emotions we often feel in our daily encounters and interactions with others. New situations such as tutoring, where people start out as strangers, frequently heighten these feelings. Tutoring is not just any new situation, however; the great challenges, expectations, and social complications it brings compound normal fears and anxieties. When […]

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The art of tutoring

The art of tutoring, like any other art, is learned in the doing. To be really good at it requires, some special personality traits, skills, and sensitivity, The one-to-one relationship brings you into direct, personal contact with the pupil. There is always some tension, some anxiety in a relationship of that proximity. The way you […]

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Qualifying as a tutor

The art of tutoring is as old as education itself. In the early days, before the Industrial Revolution, before there was such a thing as mass education, children were taught the basic educational skills by tutors, or in very small school houses. The wealthy hired tutors not only to instruct their children in the necessary […]

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Benefits of online learning

Development and maintenance of learning materials is easy Web-based materials are cheap and quick to produce and need not require a high level of technical expertise. These materials can be of very high quality, and can easily incorporate colourful text and graphics. As the technology becomes faster, more stable and more sophisticated then sound, video […]

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Pre-twentieth century Distance education is by no means a new idea. It can be argued that its history goes back thousands of years when voyagers travelled the world and transported with them their systems of beliefs, their skills in navigation, boat building and architecture, and their social structures. In most cases this ‘education’ would be […]

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