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Bergen County Tutors Needed | Employment Opportunities for Academic k-12 Educators


Work locally in Bergen county NJ or commute to nearby Westchester County and make more money teaching students in NY.

Know how to teach any of the following Academic k-12 subjects?


  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Math
  5. Science
  6. Project Management PMP, AGILE, ITIL, SCRUM
  7. Medical Exams
  8. Accounting
  9. or Computer Science subjects?
  10. Breakdancing?

If you answered yes then you may be qualified to become independent contractor working with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC making money in Bergen County NJ and either teaching students locally in student’s home in cities of Fort Lee, Paramus, Hackensack, Teaneck, River Edge or other areas of Bergen County NJ, or even as far out as Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT.

We market our Local Bergen County Tutors on different blog sites and network of local tutoring sites, specifically designed to obtain student leads.

How we market our local Bergen County NJ Tutors?

This is example of how we market Physics Bergen County tutors in NJ on our Homework Help site.  We have many blog sites and directory database sites, designed to bring student traffic.  Similarly we market for other subjects.  If you are residing in tri-state area of the 3 counties, we can help you get marketed, regardless if you are a physics tutor, math, science.  Even if you are professional project manager who simply want to make extra income preparing students for major exams such as ITIL, PMP, AGILE on part time bases we can help you get marketed as well.


Travel across NJ | CT and NY 3 counties and earn money on part time basis

You can also commute to Westchester County and make even more money teaching students, opportunity is only limited to Bergen NJ county residents looking for a tutoring job while traveling across 3 states of NJ CT and NY. 

Work locally in Bergen County NJ and Make Part Time come on Flexible Schedule, Teaching k-12 subjects


Want to know more?  View more info here about Tutoring Job Benefits and Opportunities in Bergen County NJ   Teach local students in Paramus, Teaneck, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, River Edge, Fort Lee and other cities.

Note note all tutors qualify so apply today by visiting, when applying please view enrollment dates, applying outside of enrollment dates can slow down your application request.

Looking to more then just teach in Bergen County NJ? Happen to be IT Guru by any chance?

Our company specializes not only in local home tutoring services match making, and online, as well as study guides, but also happen to be IT Network consulting company as well.  If you happen to be tutor who happen to be residing in Bergen County NJ in area of Paramus, Hackensack, River Edge, Paterson, Edgewater, Fort Lee or any other city, and interested in doing more then just local tutoring and dedicate your self to part time basis on providing IT Network Consulting services then feel free to send us your resume at info@callmytutor.com.

Get Paid from not just tutoring but from IT consulting on part time basis!

Tutors who work with us may end up not only getting part time opportunities to teach locally in Bergen County NJ and make extra income, but can also jump outside of their hourly boundaries that they get from local tutoring by providing Local IT consulting service that you are best at.  As strange as it sounds, how can tutoring be mixed up with IT consulting?

This is the question that many people asked us, but the truth of the matter is, many people are subject matter experts in multiple subjects not just academic subjects.  Giving opportunity to subject matter experts to make part time income can be very lucrative for both our organization and for actual tutor/subject matter expert.  However to find skillful IT subject matter experts is a very difficult task, unless…. there is a way to provide common incentive for such subject matter experts.

Our incentive is simple, if you are a tutor who happen to be good in academic subject and happen to be expert in IT network consulting sector, apply with us and increase your chances of making money on part time basis.

Our tutors can be sent to different cities of Bergen County NJ or even Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT to either provide local home tutoring or provide IT consulting services.   The best part about it all is that, our platform makes it possible to advertise your hourly rate based on the IT consulting service you offer as well as based on academic subjects you can teach, giving you maximum opportunity to show off your set of expertise.  Other consulting companies not doing that, simply because they have no such platforms, and educational companies are mostly focused on education and not IT consulting, but the matter of the reality is.

Who is this opportunity good for?

It’s perfect for type of people who can for example teach math or physics and also happen to be experts in Project Management, IT Networking or computer programming.

What can be expected from IT consulting role?

It can be expected that you would work similarly like the tutor as independent contractor, we help you get matched with the company who may need your service.  Except instead of attending tutoring sessions directly at student’s home, you would be attending customer’s local site in Bergen County NJ, Fairfield County CT or New Haven CT or Westchester County NY.

What expertise should I have to be an IT consultant?

You clearly must be certified in either Cisco Wireless field, CCNP or other similar certifications with other major vendors and technologies, such as Juniper, Bluecoat, Checkpoint, SonicWall, Symantec.  Most positions are infrastructure eccentric, meaning you would have to be either doing cabling or wireless projects, or designing networks or troubleshooting networks at customer’s sites, or installing CCTV systems or video conferencing systems.  Hence you must be particular expert in IT Networking.   To get better idea of what IT consulting is all about and what services our company DBA Binary Fusion specializes visit our Bergen County NJ IT consulting company site.

Can I be both tutor and IT consultant?

Yes, in that case we would help you get matched with local students in Bergen County NJ and IT consulting projects in local area of the Bergen County NJ and other mentioned counties in CT and NY. In which case you would be created with IT consulting profile similar as you see here.

In your profile you can indicate hourly rate and other information about your self as well as create discount packages based on block hours.  When we get contacted by companies in Bergen County New Jersey from cities such as Paramus, Hackensack, River Edge, Edgewater, Teaneck, Fort Lee, or other cities such as Paterson, we talk to the actual company who needs IT consulting service, we discuss their needs and then send them your profile information to see if you are the right fit for their local IT project.  If you are the right fit, you will be matched using our match making system platform with the company and you will go onsite and deliver service.

So how will tutoring factor into all this?

The same way as IT consulting. Instead of companies, students would contact us from Bergen County NJ or other areas and you as the tutor would go and teach students subjects that you specialize, we would match make you with the specific student.  We match based on student’s requirements, hence by creating profile with us that doesn’t mean that you will get students, however it will mean that you will increase your chances of making part time income locally in your area from multiple sources.    Simply because we have large network of sites specifically designed to bring customers together.

How is any of this different from other major sites?

Other major sites are mostly staffing firms, who do not provide part time job opportunities, and simply do not even bother mixing 2 types of revenue making opportunities for highly educated subject matter experts.  Most of the other companies are either consulting companies who will want you to work for them and not as independent contractor.   Although we do not discourage you to be not working with them you still can, however by enrolling with our company Tutoring Services, LLC to make money doing part time tutoring and enrolling as IT consultant for our DBA Binary Fusion company can provide 2 levels of income stream.

How does this look like from scheduling perspective?

Tutor/IT consultant negotiates their own schedule with the client.  If you have a car and don’t mind traveling from place to place either tutoring students or providing IT consulting services in field of IT networking then you are the right fit, contact us to discuss this opportunity and enroll with us. Note we have specific enrollment dates and do not guarantee placement.  Send us your resume to info@callmytutor.com and tell us if you would like to do IT consulting and tutoring or just tutoring in Bergen County NJ only or if you prefer to be the super hero that you are, and travel between 4 mentioned counties in CT, and NY and make part time income.

Is IT Network Consulting and Local tutoring Bergen County NJ and nearby counties for every one?

Note IT consulting + Tutoring is not an opportunity for someone that does not have good amount of experience.  We only hire experts who are truly passionate.  This opportunity is great for working dads or moms if you work at full time job and interested in working part time after work and have the skillset of IT consulting + Tutoring.  Or great for teachers who happen to be yes IT experts.  If you are not an IT expert and happen to be a teacher for example substitute teacher and interested in making part time income for the 2nd part of your day either teaching or consulting then this is also great opportunity for you, especially if you have the skill set.

So by creating a profile with Tutoring Services, LLC, you are basically get connected to 4 counties of Bergen, Westchester, New Haven.  Connected how?  Connected through our robust local tutoring network of sites and IT consulting sites and other blogs.  Connected in such a way that you can actually increase your opportunity of making part time income either in your Bergen County NJ or other mentioned counties, either tutoring for local college, or high school or elementary students or providing IT consulting for business to business type of companies.  What makes this connection possible?  Your profile where you can register to post information about your skill set and hourly rate you can provide tutoring and IT consulting services for.

What will actual part time IT consulting gig look like?

It really depends, depends exactly on what?  Depends on what type of service customer asks for.  Sometimes we get law firms, or real estate companies or other type of professional LLCs contacting us with request to do anything ranging from circuit migration, wireless site surveys, network design, network security, troubleshooting slowness within IT infrastructure network, building ticketing system, virtualizing entire network or migrating from one firewall to another, or providing data backup solution across stretched or non stretch networks, or simply ensuring that entire network is configured for monitoring properly or deploying web proxy solution, or even creating entire data center.

Sometimes we get customers who prefer to simply turn up the local site and centralize it by directing traffic through PROD and DR sites with resilient VPN backup.  We get customers who want phones connected and video conferencing systems connected to their local network.

Some of the jobs can be done on part time basis across multiple evenings, some can be done during the day and some can be done during weekend.  The best part about all of this, since these projects will be for independent contractors such as your self, you can make your own scheduling and work around your time.

What may look like typical working period on part time basis?

Scenario 1.

You are working dad, who works in NJ but not making enough at your full time job.  You leave around 5:30pm EST  every day, have some days saved up that you can take off, either for vacation or paid time off.  You happen to be major in Math and can teach students math but also work as System admin at major company.  You come home at 6:00 pm.

In case like this this opportunity would be great since you can schedule student in Algebra for example for 7:00 to 8:30 pm on one day.  Then the next day handle another student, then the day after schedule circuit migration from one of the clients in either Bergen County NJ, Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT or New Haven CT.  Then you schedule wifi site survey for weekend.

Clearly to schedule anything with anyone you must have marketing expertise, first step in marketing expertise is to get connected with someone who is heavily into marketing… which is us Tutoring Services, LLC, with whom you can create a profile and get listed on our advertisement portal and also be added into our match making platform.  Once that happens and you have advertised yourself on our site and listed your services you can offer, then all you have to do now is wait until we get you the client.

Is this something possible to do on your own?

Based on our analysis it’s simply impossible to the very same thing we are doing on your own, unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and even then there is no guarantee that you will succeed.   Our match making fee is rather small in comparison to other companies, besides other companies don’t even offer anywhere remotely near to this type of service combination specifically for Bergen County NJ subject matter experts.

Of course your other alternatives can be searching for gigs on craiglists and not sign up with us, however probability of obtaining legit clients through craiglist and be professionally presented and advertised across different services in an organized manner across multiple sites specifically designed to target clients in your local geographical area as well as neighboring areas, feasible enough for you to travel there and make extra income across variety type of skill sets, is practically very low.

Hence instead of having headaches thinking about how to save a buck on commission costs of our agency, instead you can focus on service delivery and making money on part time basis across different revenue streams.  If you like this opportunity call us at (203)340-0391 or send us your resume to info@callmytutor.com