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  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics or other Science Subjects?
  4. Math Algebra | Calc | Statistics | Pre-Calculus
  5. Science
  6. English Reading and Writing
  7. TOEFL
  10. GRE
  11. GMAT
  12. CPA Accounting
  13. Praxis 1 or 2
  14. Project Management
  15. Medical Exams MCAT
  16. Accounting
  17. Computer Science subjects?
  18. Breakdancing

Work Locally, Teach Students Part time based on your schedule and availability Providing Reliable Tutoring Services for local Fairfield County Students


Want to know more?  View more info here about local home Tutoring Job Benefits and Opportunities in Fairfield County CT Teach local students in Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Trumbull, Stratford and other cities of Fairfield county CT

    Note note all tutors qualify so apply today by visiting, when applying please view enrollment dates, applying outside of enrollment dates can slow down your application request.

How we market our Professional Home Tutors in Fairfield County CT?

This is example of how we market Physics Science Fairfield County tutors in CT on our Homework Help blog site.  We have many blog sites and directory database sites, designed to bring student traffic, in Farifeld County CT.   Similarly we market our tutors in other subjects.

Our company gets multiple student leads, and when we get a lead we post it on this site!

View our previous or current Academic tutoring jobs postings in Fairfield County CT to see if any of them are relevant to your academic expertise!   These tutoring job leads that we post get automatically replicated across our entire local tutoring network of sites in the form of RSS feeds,  resulting in either more tutors contacting us or more students contacting us, or combination of both!  When parent contact us with specific request we talk to the parent and discuss their need.  When parents ask for pricing we provide parent both options, option 1 and option 2.  Option 1 is when agency assists parent in finding tutor, and option 2 is when parent would go strike on their own and search for a local tutor on our TutoringServices.com site but does not get any of the benefits of option 1.

So how exactly does match making work?

There are several match making scenarios, however most common one is when the parent calls our agency. Parent calls our agency, requests a tutor, we tell the tutor that every tutor has their own rate based on educational experience and qualification and ask parent for their budget, parent provides minimum and maximum budget hourly rate that they would be able to pay for a tutor, sometimes parent may respond by telling how much they would be willing to spend per week or per month for their single tutor or multiple tutors.  Our company posts tutoring job ad for example such as the one you see here for Bridgeport High school Tutor needed.

Our local tutoring network of websites triggers automatically phone calls from students and tutors    

Our local tutoring network of Fairfield County sites gives automatic link juice to Bridgeport high school tutoring ad, local tutors start contacting us, we respond back and interview appropriate candidates based on enrollment dates and on parent’s match making request or alternatively let tutor know that they are not qualified and instead of simply telling tutor that they are not good enough (which is the case with many other agencies when they do not want to hire someone) instead we tell our tutors to demonstrate some tutoring experience first and register on www.TutoringServices.com as an independent tutor, then reapply with us after landing couple of student assignments through our sister site.   Hence instead of placing tutors into never closed circle of no experience no job, we still give tutors a chance.

Then once we see that tutors are legit and have positive reviews and providing local tutoring services through our sister site, we invite these tutors into our local CallMyTutor tutoring network giving more opportunities for such tutors to earn money.

Using this strategy of inter combination between Suggest Your Price options, and 2 different business model structures we are able to get upper edge in marketing, tutor willingness to work with our agency, while simultaneously providing variety of multiple options for parents of Fairfield County who are on the budget, resulting in tutoring prices gradually becoming affordable and removing agencies who do not follow this model out of the picture..

Tutoring job Advertisement gets replicated across local network of sites

Ad gets replicated, ad has targeted graphic for both tutors and student audience, but main intent is for tutor audience.  We notify parent that they have 2 options of finding a tutor either option 1 or 2.  Parent responds back to us with which option they prefer to go with either option 1 or 2, in many cases parents want professional pre-screening and expertise of an agency and many of them go with option 1, where our agency helps them find the tutor, as oppose to looking for local tutors themselves. Obviously option 1 follows commission model structure where agency gets paid commission for helping parent find reliable tutor from every hour tutor teaches (this business model is operated through the central site called CallMYTutor), and Option 2 (www.TutoringServices.com) does not follow agency commission structure and instead allows tutors to register free of charge and offer $15 Tutoring Session First Lesson Trial, but does not give the same type of student exposure tutor would be looking to get especially if they live in Fairfield, Bergen,Westchester or New Haven North East Tri State CT, NY and NJ area.

Why Fairfield County Parents prefer to call our agency as oppose to searching for tutors on their own?

Reason is simple, parents do not trust any of the sites with mass number of tutors listed on their sites, parents do not see local phone number or local name and run.  Parents need to be clearly explained benefits of why our agency is better then others, and once they understand the value they start calling.  Besides many of the other tutoring agencies who have mass number of tutors listed on their sites never bother listening to parent’s needs based on custom match making Criteria of the parent and in many cases do not even have the phone number.

Many Fairfield County Tutoring agencies are torn apart between 2 Tutoring Business Models.

Type1.  List your tutors online on a single site and watch parents contact them on their own and earn commission (without any phone support or any custom match making).

Well this model does not work with 95% of the cases, unless site has very high quality graphic and structural layout of the page. As the result that high quality graphic makes tutors and parents think that there must also be high quality tutors who are registered on that site, and therefore this is the reason they charge a lot.  Well that perception is wrong.   Unless someone rigorously pre-screens such tutors and provides well enough incentives and doesn’t rob them on commission fees this model can not possibly be sustainable on the long run.

Smaller Fairfield County tutoring agencies can not create type 1 models simply because it’s a complex task.   Hence many of them do not even have tutor listing based sites.   As the result there are other agencies who are dominating Fairfield County areas, but on the global level, rather then local, resulting in price hike, 0 knowledge of geographical area or demographic, and no custom match making support, no phone call support with high quality, resulting in parents getting really low quality tutors.

Global Tutoring Companies vs Fairfield County Tutoring Companies

Tutors see such global companies, apply with them as tutors and are forced into their commission structures, only to end up poaching students away from them at the later stage.  Local tutoring agencies see that there are lot of tutors listed on global sites and simply can’t compete, the only thing agencies can do is simply ask parent what they need and hope to find a tutor in the area by posting paid job ads.  Posting tutoring job ads is expensive, hence is the reason why agencies charge high commission fees.   Our company Tutoring Services, LLC on the other hand has entire network of such marketing sites readily available, making our agencies commission smaller, in fact even smaller then the global companies!   This is the reason why working with our tutoring agency especially if you live in Fairfield County CT is no Brainer, since what that means is you could make more money tutoring then working for any other tutoring agency!

If you are registered on one of the global tutoring  sites you are less likely to land lucrative tutoring assignment then working with the help of an agency

Tutors on larger sites are forced to compete against one another, and lowering and lowering further and further their prices.  Parents end up getting perception that prices for tutors should be that low and do not understand true level of expertise of an educator, and undervalue tutors.  Our agency helps tutors be differentiated from other experts and be marketed, we do not have 1000s of tutors registered in Fairfield County CT like other agencies do, but we do provide high quality match making services and help our selected few tutors who we work with get marketed.  Can these selected few tutors be one of you?  Find out now and send us your resume to info@callmytutor.com (limited to Fairfield County, New Jersey Bergen County, Westchester, and New Haven County CT residents)

Global sites do not provide tutor to demonstrate their true value of why they are the best in specific subject area expertise and grade level, and instead force them into template based profile forms   Parents do not understand any of this, and want someone like an agent explain to them why our tutors who work with us are better then many of the ones they will find on their own.

Parents want educational experts who can help them find professional tutor for their children

P  arents want educational experts to help them find the right tutor, they do not want to be searching through 100s of tutor profiles, they just want to call an agent tell them what they need just like in the good old days of how it was done traditionally and let agent do the rest.  Fairfield County parents trust more agencies who are locally emphasizing their strength rather the huge global  sites with no geographical emphasis strength.  This is the reason why our company Tutoring Services, LLC shines in comparison to global types of companies not only from the perspective of providing better flexible options for parents and tutors locally, but also by providing methods for Tutors to advertise themselves FREE of charge without any recurring commission agency fees what so ever through our sister site www.TutoringServices.com.

We realized both types of business models are needed in order to provider higher quality service for tutors and for parents and this is the reason why we created 2 business models rather then simply trying to mix everything in one, which is what majority of agencies trying to do.

To apply with us for CallMyTutor local tutoring business model and agree to Tutoring Services, LLC charging small agency recurring commission fee, simply send us your resume to info@callmytutor.com

Type2.  Do not list your tutors and listen to what parent ask for and then search for tutor based on their needs.

This model also does not work well since every parent’s need is different and since every requests requires agency being able to quickly find local tutors based on what parents needs.  This type of model although can be beneficial if there is already a list of tutors available, however tutors come and go, this results in agencies in Fairfield County CT raising prices, or changing their business models to learning center based models where they would hire local tutors for very low pay and charge parents very high amount.  This level of discrepancy in prices helps such learning centers survive economic trends, and have less overhead with constantly search for tutors, since they can grantee more hours to such tutors.

Learning centers rip tutors off by giving them fraction of what they charge parents in Fairfield County CT

However learning centers have negative impact also for tutors such as tutors getting paid 12 per hour and learning center charging $45.  How fair is that to the tutor?  Probably not that fair?  How good is the service will such tutor provide teaching student knowing that they are getting paid only $12?  Probably not good, no passion and no desire.   In our case however with Tutoring Services, LLC approach we are able to slash this price discrepancy, by not having learning center in a first place!

Our agency recognizes this and fights price discrepancies helping tutors make more money while providing higher quality education for Fairfield County parents.

Eradicating administrative geographical expertise within local area presence, no need to pay for the office, no coordination headaches of scheduling between students and tutors or finding replacement!  This slashes our commission agency fee lower and lower and for tutors who do not like agency recurring commission fee then we also have option for that as well www.TutoringServices.com, our sister site.

So what does this all mean?  This means the following for Fairfield County tutors looking for a tutoring job, if you want to make money teaching students contact us by our email info@callmytutor.com by sending us your resume, note, we do not discourage tutors to work for other agencies, we simply state that we provide better opportunities for tutors in Fairfield and neighboring counties then any other agency can provide financially wise speaking.   Note with all that being said that doesn’t mean that you are automatically admitted into our network and be given students, what that means is that tutors have options, they can apply with us to make some income, or work for a learning center and earn in 5 hours same as what they can in 1 hour by working with Tutoring Services, LLC.    Or of course since no body likes the middle man, register on our sister site www.TutoringServices.com as alternative option, either or we are here to help.

Local Tutoring Agency in CT NY or NJ? Interested in posting Tutoring job ads on our educational network of sites giving tutors opportunities to make money while simultaneously helping your self make money?

If you are a local home tutoring agency in Fairfield County CT, Bergen County NJ, Westchester county NY or New Haven County CT and would like to advertise your local home tutoring job on our site or on our local tutoring network of sites, then do not hesitate to contact us at support@TutoringServices.com  we can help you dominate your local area with ease even if you are located in another state.

Tell us which subjects, which cities to target and we can post your advertisements on our network of sites helping you drive more revenue.  Hence if you happen to be a learning center or home tutoring agency who simply needs marketing help or even if you are residing in outside of the 4 mentioned counties in the state of CT NY and NJ and need help getting student leads, we can post your ads on our sites.  This will help our tutors looking for tutoring opportunities in CT NY and NJ make extra money working for other tutoring agencies not just us, while simultaneously help our company Tutoring Services, LLC with maintaining our network.  Our network of sites was engineered by DBA Binary Fusion NetworkConsultant.NET

We have tons of sites, that can specifically do laser tag marketing for your local tutoring business, prices vary depending on price budget.  There are 2 price options.  Contact for pricing support@TutoringServices.com


Fairfield County Tutors want to make part time income and sick of middle man agencies?

Be Your own BOSS Register on our sister site www.TutoringServices.com


Great Option for Tutors outside of the 4 counties of Bergen County NJ, Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven.

Our premium members will be advertise on our network of subject tutoring sites!  Network where your profile can be found by students, resulting in more student leads!  This option is great for tutors who do not want to get help from our Tutoring Services, LLC agency CallMyTutor business model system, and prefer to simply strike their luck on their own!  Becoming premium tutor means we will advertise you on multiple tutoring sites for a monthly fee on multiple tutoring sites, with copy of your profile with supplementary text, listed on these sites in SEO fashion based way helping you increase student leads.

Studying for Project Management or would like to teach PMP, AGILE or other courses, work on part time bases in these 4 counties?

If you are a project manager and would like to teach send us an email or visit our google plus page.  We also have project management teaching opportunities in other counties through our sister site www.TutoringServices.com