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If you are a person who loves tutoring math but hasn’t yet come across a suitable way of putting your math tutoring skills  to good use, then this article is just for you! Online tutoring is fast becoming one of the most preferred options of teaching and tutoring for many people  in the teaching fraternity. The availability of a variety of ‘online tutoring jobs from home’ has made it possible not only for professional teachers and lecturers, but also homemakers and even students to get into an online tutoring job. Wait, did I just say something about students becoming teachers? Yes, I did. The nature of online tutoring is such, that all it takes for a person to become an online tutor is a good amount of expertise in a subject of his or her choice, and of course, a computer and an Internet connection. Therefore, the fact that there is a large pool of online tutoring jobs for college students, housewives, retired teachers, etc. doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

Math Tutoring jobs for CT Fairfield, NY  Westchester and NJ Bergen county Educators

Residing in any of the following 4 counties, Fairfield, New Haven, Westchester or Bergen county NJ?  Looking for a local  NY, NJ and CT home tutoring job in math, science or English?  Or perhaps you are a local subject matter expert in algebra, calc, statistics or other subjects?  If you answered yes then don’t hesitate to visit our Tutoring Job section of our TutoringServices.com page for more info on how to apply.  We offer 2 options for local tutors, one option is working directly with Tutoring Services, LLC through CallMyTutor central site where your tutoring profile would be advertised in local area regions of CT NY and NJ where  or another  option is by simply registering on www.TutoringServices.com as an independent tutor.  Our company is looking for professional math tutors, and is ready to help tutors who qualify with student leads, helping math teachers and educators make money on part time basis.


Basics of Online Tutoring Jobs
For those of you who are completely new to the concept of online jobs in the field of teaching and tutoring, allow me to educate you about the same. Online tutoring is nothing but normal tutoring or teaching except that in this case, the entire teaching process happens over the Internet. At a given time, you could be teaching either a single student or even a batch of thousand students simultaneously. Also, the students could be from different parts of the world. You could have one student living across your house, another living in Australia, a third in Africa, a fourth in Japan, etc. It is the beauty of the Internet as a revolutionary technological wonder which has made it possible for people who are geographically apart to come together on a common platform and share knowledge and information. Also, contrary to what many people believe, online tutoring is not limited to only online math tutoring jobs or online English tutoring jobs. These jobs are available in a large number of areas and domains including technology, writing, foreign languages, special skills, music, academics, arts and crafts and many more. Let us have a look at how you can become an online tutor.

How to Become an Online Tutor
As I mentioned earlier, in order to become an online math tutor it is not mandatory that you must have a formal degree or a certificate course in teaching. For example, a college going person with 5 years of work experience in animation can easily become an online tutor in his particular field of expertise. Of course, having prior teaching experience is always a bonus and will surely add weight to your profile as an online tutor. You should start by researching on online tutoring services on the Internet. Get in touch with agencies and companies that work in this field and approach them with your profile and resume. The monetary compensation for online tutors is usually in the form of per hour payments. Depending on what subject you teach and how qualified and experienced you are, the per hour rates could be anything between $15 to $60. The work hours are usually flexible and are generally worked out through mutual discussion between the company, the tutor and sometimes, the students. A major benefit of online tutoring is that you can work with multiple companies and agencies simultaneously. So if you’re a multi-skilled person having expertise in both the French language, guitar playing, as well as in Chinese cuisine, then you could very well be in a situation wherein you’re conducting online tuition for all these three subjects, and all at the same time! Nice way of multitasking and multi-earning, isn’t it? Of course, one downside (if you can call it so) of online tutoring is that you need a fast computer with an even faster and reliable Internet connection.

This was an overview on online tutoring jobs for teachers as well as newcomers to teaching. As I sign off, I leave you with some more information on online education for your benefit.

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