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The same number of hours in each day is given to everyone, but time-management skills are widely underdeveloped. If we can manage our time well, we can manage just about everything else. The ten suggestions that follow can help students increase their mastery over time: Help students to see what’s in it for them to […]

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Benefits of online learning

Development and maintenance of learning materials is easy Web-based materials are cheap and quick to produce and need not require a high level of technical expertise. These materials can be of very high quality, and can easily incorporate colourful text and graphics. As the technology becomes faster, more stable and more sophisticated then sound, video […]

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Pre-twentieth century Distance education is by no means a new idea. It can be argued that its history goes back thousands of years when voyagers travelled the world and transported with them their systems of beliefs, their skills in navigation, boat building and architecture, and their social structures. In most cases this ‘education’ would be […]

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The different types of learning

There are many students and each one of them learns in an unique way. There are many different kinds of learning with which students can be taught, some of them are listed below: Face to Face Face to face is the most traditional form of delivering education, and the one with which people will have […]

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