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Have your eyes every caught an ad saying- Online tutor required? If you are looking for a way to increase your current income, or even looking for a new career, that online tutor ad will be the right answer for you. You will surprise to know that such jobs demand tutors at a large scale for every subject, and […]

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The Internet, fast broadband and interactive technologies have revolutionized communication. The impact was enormous and education is an area that has reaped the benefits. On the one hand, students and pupils of all ages have access to new knowledge in a wide range of subjects and skills. On the other hand, the growth of online […]

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When you only have a given number of hours to cover your parts of a programme with students, it is all too easy to fill all the available hours with planned teaching. It is important to accommodate students’ need for time to reflect on what they are learning, and to take stock of how their […]

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Normal fears and anxieties

The good news is that most tutors overcome their initial fears and anxieties about tutoring. Knowing what to expect, and knowing that most of your fellow tutors have felt the same concerns, may alleviate your anxieties. Tutoring is not easy; it will constantly confront you with your own weaknesses and failings. This can be difficult […]

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Qualifying as a tutor

The art of tutoring is as old as education itself. In the early days, before the Industrial Revolution, before there was such a thing as mass education, children were taught the basic educational skills by tutors, or in very small school houses. The wealthy hired tutors not only to instruct their children in the necessary […]

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