Looking to make extra income tutoring other students for CPA exam?


Tutoring Services, LLC is looking for CPA accounting tutors.  Hourly rate depends on tutor’s qualification.  If you can tutor students in accounting and can help students prepare for CPA then we would like to hear from you. Our agency has many students in Fairfield and Westchester county who contact us and match makes students who are preparing for CPA, FAR, AUD, REG, BEC exam together with accounting tutors.

If you took CPA exam and passed good news… here is how you can apply to become a local tutor in Stamford CT or nearby Farifield/Westchester County NY

If you are are a tutor and have at minimum bachelors degree and have a valid driver license, then don’t hesitate to apply.  To apply and become a tutor simply visit TutorStamford.com and register as  a tutor.  Be prepared to send us your resume and pass the interview.

When working with Tutoring Services, LLC as one of our CPA tutors, you will be advertised on our network of websites, and shown in the CPA custom search engines that was created by Tutoring Services, LLC.  Search engine is designed to target accounting student leads.   For more info about our CPA tutoring services, and how you can become accounting tutor and make money on part time basis tutoring students accounting or any other subjects that you are familiar with… feel free to visit FairfieldTutor.com


Looking for  tutors who already took CPA exam and passed.

You must have good test preparation skills to help students prepare and pass CPA exam.

When applying with us let us know which materials you are planning on using to prepare students for CPA exam


How do students find our CPA accounting tutors in Stamford, CT | Port Chester NY or other areas?

Here is how we advertise our tutors… so students can find them…  We have collection of local tutoring sites targeting multiple geographical regions. Students who are preparing for the CPA exam often contact us whenever they need help preparing for exam and feel that traditional study materials or self guided materials are not enough.

Speaking of which…. we also advertise study guides to students in combination with tutors… to learn more and see how we advertise study guides for CPA and tutors in combination… to provide wide selection to students… feel free to visit StudyGuide.net/CPA


How CPA tutors presented in front of students and why should I register as a tutor?

Our CPA accounting tutors who reside in Fairfield and Westchester County are presented in our custom created central search engine called CallMyTutor.com to view how cpa tutors are presented in front of students in combination with CPA study guides feel free to visit this link.