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Some of the Benefits we offer for our independent contractors!


Work locally in Westchester County NY or commute to nearby Fairfield County or Bergen County New Jersey and make money teaching students in all 3 states CT, NY or NJ by traveling to neighboring counties.  Or alternatively simply teach students in Westchester County NY locally.


Areas we market our tutors in Westchester NY Region


Would you like to make some extra income teaching any of the following Academic k-12 subjects?


  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Math
  5. Science
  6. Project Management
  7. Medical Exams
  8. Accounting
  9. or Computer Science subjects?
  10. Breakdancing?
  11. Law School Entrance exam and BAR exam

           Know how to tutor IT computer Networking or Programming?


If so we can also help you out make extra money teaching Academic subjects and computer subjects to Westchester County students.


If you answered yes then you may be qualified to become local independent contractor working with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC making money teaching students locally in student’s home in cities of Tarrytown, Sleep Hollow, Mount Kisco, Ardsley, Armonk, Bedford, New Rochelle, White Plains anod other Westchester County NJ, or travel to local Bergen county in NY, Fairfield County CT or even New Haven.

We market our Academic Professional Subject Matter experts on different blog sites and network of local tutoring sites, specifically designed to obtain student leads.

How we market our Academic Math and Science Tutors in Westchester county  NJ Tutors?

We advertise our tutors on local Westchester County Tutoring network of educational sites as well as on school ratings site, targeting students and parents of CT, NY and NJ area.


We also market our NY professional tutors on other blog sites where parents and students visit!

This is example of how we market Physics Science  tutors residing in Westchester county NY helping educators get student leads.  We have many local home tutoring and educational blog sites and directory database sites, designed to bring math, science and other subjects student’s traffic.

Our local tutors can also meet students face to face before committing to tutoring assignment!



This is how pre screening works, meet on IPAD with parent before getting matched.


Have your own Custom Profile and show up on multiple subjects on our central CallMyTutor site and get additional student leads

Example of tutor profile.


  • Create your own Tutor profile
  • Declare grade levels
  • Subjects You can tutor
  • Create practice diagnostic tests to differentiate yourself
  • Upload tutorials
  • Declare hourly rate based on subject and grade level

Whatever rate you specify is the rate you would get paid!

        However when you offer packages you would get paid less, hence when declaring your hourly rate keep that consideration in mind!

Lowest Tutoring Comission Agency Fee in entire Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven and Bergen County!

      Yes we happen to have one of lowest tutoring agency commission recurring fees, other companies simply can’t beat our tutor commission fees pricing, this is all due to the fact that we want to keep our tutors loyal and have working relationship with educators rather then scamming them with outrageous fees, something that has been going on in CT NY and NJ market for far too long, we are here to end this trend.

What if i don’t like to pay any recurring agency comission fees because i do not like middle man and want to be my own boss?  What are my options?

   In fact we have our tutoring agency commission fees so low that we literally tell tutors that if they prefer not to work with us and instead strike on their own as independently registered tutor then they can easily do so by visiting our sister site www.TutoringServices.com and registering FREE of charge as an independent contractor offering first tutoring lesson FREE of charge. 

        In exchange for providing first lesson free of charge to parent, our company Tutoring Services, LLC would agree to allow local tutors to have their profile listed on our www.TutoringServices site and advertise themselves FREE of charge, and not get charged any tutoring agency recurring commission fees.  This option no tutoring agency company can beat simply because that is how other companies operate they must charge commission fees to survive, well in our case we have 2 business models, one for tutors who do not like the agencies, and other type who does.

       However obviously if you reside in Westchester County NY this option may not be that great as oppose to simply getting help from our agency help you market yourself through our CallMyTutor local tutoring network of sites in Bergen, Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven counties.


If you prefer to be your own Boss  and not interested in our agency helping you get student leads in Westchester County NY, then proceed to visit this site www.TutoringServices.com  If however you are interested in our Tutoring Services, LLC agency help you get students leads in Westchester County NY then continue reading the rest of the benefits our local tutors who work with our agency through commission based model bossiness system CallMyTutor would benefit.

By working with Tutoring Services, LLC through Comission based structure tutors in Westchester County NY, Bergen NJ, Fairfield and New Haven County would get the following benefits.

Create your own Tutor Discount Packages


You can create your own tutor discount packages, declare how much you would like to get paid, create discount packages based on subject and grade level 


Are you a lawyer?  or perhaps someone who passed LSAT and did well? Took your BAR?

Want to make extra income teaching students?  If so don’t hesitate to apply.  We are looking for candidates who did well on LSAT exam received high score and someone who can help us share their test preparation journey with our local students in the states of CT | NY and NJ helping our local students get into top Law Schools.

Are you a project manager or perhaps took your PMP exam and passed?

Want to teach students locally and make extra income helping students prepare for PMP certification? don’t hesitate to apply.

Travel across NJ | CT and NY 3 counties and earn money on part time basis

You can also commute to Westchester County and make even more money teaching students, opportunity is only limited to Bergen NJ county residents looking for a tutoring job while traveling across 3 states of NJ CT and NY. 

Work locally by driving to students homes in Westchester County New York and Make Part Time income on Flexible Schedule, Teaching k-12 subjects

Want to know more?  View more info here about Tutoring Job Benefits and Opportunities in Bergen County NJ, Westchester County NY, Fairfield and New Haven counties CT  Teach local math,  and science  students in Port Chester, Rye, Larchmont, Mount Vernon, Scarsdale,  or nearby regions.

To apply for this tutoring job opportunity send us your resume only if you reside in Westchester, Fairfield, Bergen or New Haven counties.

Note note all tutors qualify so apply today by visiting, when applying please view enrollment dates, applying outside of enrollment dates can slow down your application request, visit link above for more info to be navigated to the right county page.